Cartoon 255Guerrilla gardening must be the most benign form of environmental protest; just find some under-utilised land and plant some flowers. So much more constructive than the vandalism embraced by some eco-warriors.

Aside from the obvious pun, I find this cartoon depressing. Our two gorillas have had their habitat reduced to an urban roundabout (traffic circle), but resignation, plentiful bananas and an iPad have reduced them to apathetic torpor. Only the thought that there may be no more bananas galvanises them to take action.

But it’s tokenism. It will take more than a spot of urban gardening to protect our wild pollinators. Sustainable land management is essential.

Our gorillas needn’t have worried. Bees will take nectar from banana flowers, but cultivated bananas don’t need pollination.

Some believe the way to solve the pollinator crisis is to develop more self-fertilising and parthenocarpic fruits. They must be bananas!