Whilst watching a documentary recently about Walt Disney I was reminded of the brilliance of the 1937 animation ‘Snow White and the seven dwarfs’.

Then I overheard someone explaining to a new beekeeper how camouflage bee suits make you invisible to bees … and this just popped into my head.

It left me wondering  – why are camouflage bee suits so popular in the UK?

The answer is dispiriting. On our crowded little islands finding space for an apiary is difficult; few places are truly secluded and even fewer are secure. Consequently theft or vandalism is a risk beekeepers have to manage, and one strategy to prevent drawing attention to the location of bee hives is to wear camouflage.

But a word of caution:

Whether camouflaged or otherwise, don’t stand in front of the hives if you are of diminutive stature!

Returning foragers make a bee-line for home at speeds approaching 20 mph, … and they don’t anticipate little obstacles.

Happy New Year!