The eco-warriors and their acolytes in the mainstream media tell us that honey bees are in apocalyptic decline, yet year on year global honey production keeps on rising.

Environmentalists would never exaggerate a problem to promote their cause and CEO’s would never overstate sales, so there can be only one conclusion:

Bee productivity has increased by orders of magnitude over the last two decades.

For sure hive productivity varies from year to year thanks to variability in the weather, but this sustained increase in productivity over many years is nevertheless surprising.

But we live in a post-truth world and this is social media, so let’s consider some ‘alternative facts‘:

  • Honey bee numbers are increasing (but not enough to explain all the increase in honey production)
  • Some honey packers add syrup to honey and pass it off as ‘pure’

Golly, I wonder if the BBC’s Permanent Reality Check Team are gonna bust me for this, or whether they’ll check the ‘facts’ on their own web site first?


Author: BeeNuts

Bee-keeper and wannabe cartoonist.

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